Boat Services

Here at Big Water, we understand the importance of keeping your boat in pristine condition. That's why we offer a variety of boat services to keep your boat looking and running like new.

Our highly trained staff can assist with basic services and repairs and will provide professional, convenient work every time. Use the online form below to receive a maintenance quote, or call our office at (864) 226-3339.

Bottom Boat Paint Jobs • Fiberglass Repair • Shrink Wraps • Basic Repairs & Servicing • Boat Cleaning • Fueling • And More
Bottom Paint Jobs

Have your boat looking as good as new with a fresh coat of paint on the bottom of your boat! Call our office to schedule an appointment today.

Fiberglass Repair

Got a leak? No worries — our team can restore your fiberglass and repair scuffs and chips to get your boat back on the water in no time. Call our office to set up an appointment.

Shrink Wraps

Protect your boat from rain, snow, and critters during the off-season with a shrink wrap from Big Water Marina. Call us for an estimate!

Basic Repairs & Servicing

Our team is be happy to help with any basic repairs and/or servicing for all types of boats. Call our office to make sure we have the resources to fit your needs.

Boat Cleaning

93 Octane Non-Ethanol Fuel

For boat cleaning, we recommend Christal Clean Detailing Services. They do a phenomenal job and your boat will shine like it's new. They professionally clean and restore everything on your boat from hull to upholstery.

We have a convenient self-serve gas dock here on Lake Hartwell, complete with two pumps. Currently, we stock 93 octane fuel specially ordered with NO ethanol. Call us for pricing. 

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Complete this form to receive a maintenance quote. Please include details about the maintenance required, and we will be in touch!
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