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Big Water Sailing School is committed to offering safe and healthy sailing opportunities.  We have adopted the following guidelines to mitigate coronavirus infection and contracting Covid19 as our operation model to ensure the health and well-being of our clients, staff and organization.  We thank you in advance for adopting these during your course. 


COVID-19 Laws and Guidelines are constantly changing. We closely monitor and will promptly revise these guidelines as required.



  • Any individual who previously contracted COVID-19 prior to their course must have doctor’s approval before participating in their course at the BWSS.

  • Any individual with reasonable suspicion of being in contact with an individual tested positive for COVID-19 should wait 14 days before taking their course. BWSS will provide flexibility for those who wish to reschedule their course due to potential exposure.  A follow up negative test will be required one week prior to class.

  • Anyone who is exhibiting COVID symptoms upon entering the property will be asked to reschedule their course and vacate the property with no penalties.

  • BWSS reserves the right to take clients temperatures and if we suspect a customer may be feverish BWSS asks that client to reschedule and vacate the property.

  • BWSS staff and clients shall maintain six feet social distancing at all times as practical on shore and vessels unless members of same household.

  • BWSS request that clients wear face coverings as long as the covering suitably covers your nose and mouth.  Face coverings can be N95s or surgical masks, neck gaiters, bandanas, T-shirts, cotton face coverings, etc. This includes on property and vessels.

  • Clients are strongly encouraged to bring their own water bottles, PFDs, personal food (BWSS does have ship store and restaurant facility if needed), personal protective equipment, face coverings, face shields, gloves, sunscreen, etc. (BWSS does have available if needed PFD’s.  They will be assigned and sanitized.)

  • Clients are strongly encouraged to wash their hands every hour for at least 20 seconds and/or wear gloves.  Cough and sneeze into your bent elbow, do not touch your face. Hand washing/sanitizing stations are provided on site and customers are required to use upon arrival.

  • Clients must be vigilant in the disposal of their PPE on BWSS Property. BWSS will make available a suitable number of trash receptacles outdoors to best mitigate the accidental littering of PPE into our waterways and property. 

  • Clients will be required to sign additional Covid19 waivers and daily safety checks.

  • BWSS will sanitize its classroom and vessel before classes and upon completion of daily classes with CDC and suggested cleaning agents.     

  • BWSS reserves the right to change/alter these guidelines at our discretion.


Download COVID-19 Policy

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