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The payment of any fee/deposit shall constitute consent to all the provisions contained herein.   Student Initials________Date__________



Enrollment/Payment Method: Call our office. Fee collected with visa/master card, cash, cashier’s check, or personal check.  Full fee is due at time of reservation confirmation.


Enrollment/Reservations Terms and Conditions: 

We accept and prefer complete fee at time of reservation/confirmation.  The payment of any fees and/or deposits by a student or if presented to student as a gift shall constitute consent to all BWSS polices and provisions presented herein. 


Cancellation Policy by Student/Client: Coastal/Charter Reservations:  If a student/client has made a reservation or if the student/client received the reservation as a gift and if student/clients wishes to cancel

it must occur 60 days prior to the course date.  A cancellation fee of 10% of the full course fee will be charged and the balance refunded to the student/client.  If the cancellation occurs within 59 days of the reservation a fee of 50% of the full course fee will be charged.  The remaining balance will be refunded to the student/client.  


Cancellation Policy by Student/Client: Lake Hartwell location:  If the reservation is made for the Lake Hartwell location and cancellation occurs 30 days prior to the course date reserved, a cancellation fee of 10% of the full course fee will be charged and the balance of the student’s course fee/deposit will be refunded. 

If, a Student/client has made a deposit and cancellation occurs within 29 days prior to the course date a fee of 25% will be withheld from the deposit and the remainder will be refunded.


Reschedule Policy by Student:  If a student has a reservation at our Lake Hartwell location and wishes to change that reservation date to another date.  If the request is 14 days prior to the original reservation, a $25 fee will be charged.  If the request is 13 days or less prior to the original reservation, a $100 fee will be charged.  These fees are due at time of reschedule.  Or, if the reservation is a coastal location/charter it may not be possible to reschedule another date and therefore refer to the above cancellation policy.  If rescheduling is possible, there will be a $200 fee due at the time of the change.


Cancellation Policy by Big Water Sailing School:  Big Water Marina/Sailing School reserves the right to cancel at any time before a class date for any reason.  This could include, but, not limited to: weather, related weather conditions, sickness, accidents, travel delays, mechanical breakdowns, insufficient participants, and safety related issues, national or civil disturbance and/or factors beyond our control.  Big Water Marina/Sailing School will make every effort to follow a published class date and if a cancellation occurs will also make every effort to reschedule another class date.  If that reschedule class date or other dates are not suitable, our liability is limited to a refund of payment received. 


No illegal drugs or substances will be allowed.  If so deemed that a client is under the influence of above, that client will be asked to leave the premises and his/her fee will not be refunded.  Alcohol consumption onboard during classes or underway is not permitted.  However, if in port, moored or at anchor reasonable amounts of alcohol may be consumed.  Excessive alcohol consumption that leads to situations putting other crew at rise or disturbing other guests or boaters will not be allowed.  If this situation arises, the Captain reserves the right to disembark any student and their fee will not be returned.  Also, Big Water Sailing School will not be responsible for any costs and or fees related to the disembarking of the student.


Smoking, we prefer NO SMOKING aboard at any time.  If you must smoke please use the leeward deck and stay downwind of other students.  NO SMOKING is allowed in facilities including but not limited to offices, class rooms, or rest rooms at any time.  Thank you for NON-SMOKING.


Big Water Sailing School reserves the right to change/alter terms and conditions at our discretion.


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320 Big Water Road,  Starr, S. C. 29684 -- Phone 864-226-3339,  Fax 864-226-0079

E-mail: – Captain direct: 864-275-6040

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