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Children in life jackets playing on Wibit inflatable obstacle course with an attendant supervising their activities.

NEW: Wibit Inflatable Obstacle Course

*Open Seasonally

Please note: Wibit hours and availability may vary. Please call or text to confirm ahead of your arrival.


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7+ years old or at least 42" tall

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Splash, swim, run, climb, & jump

About the Wibit:
  • An inflatable obstacle course that provides hours of high-energy fun on the water
  • Interchangeable course pieces for new experiences each time you visit us
  • For adults & children 7+ years old OR 4+ years old and at least 42"+ tall
  • Attendant on-duty during operating hours
  • Waiver required for participation

Call or text to make reservations — (864) 226-3339

Walk-ins welcome for parties of 8 or less

Safety Guidelines:
  • We suggest children be 7+ years old OR at least 4 years old and 42"+ inches in height.

  • Attendants will be on duty during operating hours, but participants must also be able to swim.

  • If a participant does not meet the specifications, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Please note: children 42" in height are required to be directly supervised by an approved guardian (18+ years old) at all times while in the Splash Island zone

  • Participants are required to wear a life jacket at all times. Child and adult life jackets are available and are complimentary with rental.
  • A waiver must be completed by a parent or guardian before playing on the course.
  • Maximum occupancy is 55 people total or 660 lbs per section (9900 lbs total weight limit).
Step 6 attachment for climbing onto Wibit inflatable obstacle course.


With its super low profile and built-in steps, the Step 6 allows up to six people to simultaneously climb aboard the inflatable obstacle course and race up to the first challenge!

Kids playing and jumping on twist attachment for Wibit inflatable obstacle course.


The twist offers different levels of difficulty when trying to cross over. Can't make it to level 2? No problem! The integrated steps make it easy to climb up again.

Youth swinging from monkey bars on an inflatable water park attachment on the lake.


The playground is now on the water! Monkey bars will test strength and endurance as you swing and dangle from handles over the water.

Kids climbing onto a base attachment of a Wibit inflatable obstacle course on the water.


This piece of the obstacle course is home base, but it can also turn into a raft! This solid foundation allows racers climb aboard easily.

Child sliding down a rodeo slide attachment of a Wibit infltable on the lake.


Saddle up, and slide down this obstacle right into the water!

Kids playing and jumping off a Wibit inflatable action tower XXL into the lake.


Test your endurance through climbing, jumping, crawling, and sliding on the Action Tower XXL!

Kids running and playing on a hurdle attachment of a Wibit inflatable obstacle course on the lake.


Try your luck jumping from step to step, or attempt to run across this obstacle – whatever your method, the hurdle adds a fun element to this course!

Kids sliding down yellow Wibit inflatable into a lake


The slope is the perfect obstacle course finale – racers can run up the ramp on the back, and slide across the finish line!

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